Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Houses for sale Gray Maine, How not to sell a home?

So in the previous segment I explained some creative selling techniques to assist in bringing a buyer and seller together. Sometimes it just takes looking at the situation and helping the parties realize this is a business transaction, and other times it takes bringing in a more personal touch. Every situation is different.

I had brought the buyers and sellers together, until a survey issue arose. The buyers wanted the seller to pay for a full boundary survey and the buyers refused. Cost of this was $2500 and the parties walked away from the deal. Which is what I let them do for a couple days to rethink their positions. Then I addressed all concerns of the seller about putting up the money and then the deal still not working. After covering those, I found a surveyor who did the work for $1000. That saved the seller $1500 and saved the deal, again.

Having an experienced real estate broker is a great investment when selling or buying a home.

Call several realtors before deciding... this decision will make a difference.

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