Saturday, July 25, 2009

Houses for sale Gray Maine, selling a home in Gray ME

The most important decision you will make in the sale of your home is the REALTOR® you choose. Be sure to find someone you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel you can ask questions or go to your REALTOR®, you have the wrong person. Your REALTOR® should show you research to back up any recommendations. This includes information about recent sales, current listings, and recently expired listings in your neighborhood.

Watch out for agents who try to "buy" your listing. This is when a realtor will tell you your home is worth a lot more than it is likely to sell for. The key to catching this is being involved in the Market Analysis and making sure the comparable homes the realtor is using are sold homes and that the adjustments they make to the sold prices are reasonable and realistic. Get at least two opinions and compare the two closely, and even get a third opinion or more. You need to feel comfortable knowing what you will realistically get for you home. You can list a little higher, but you want to have realistic expectations in case you have to reduce the price.

Choose a local REALTOR®. He or she will know your area better than an outsider, will be seen as a source for people looking to relocate in your neighborhood, and will get better co-operation from other agents. It is likely that any amount you might save by having a friend or relative from outside the area serve as your REALTOR® will be lost in their lack of knowledge about your specific local market. Experience counts, and with the tightening market a lot of realtors have quit the business (full-time), and switched to a different career. Make sure your realtor is only working as an agent so they are available to talk with prospective buyers and show your home 7 days a week and not limited because they are at their other job and missed the email asking about your home.

Don't forget to ask for their references. He or she should be willing to give you names of previous clients, and you should try to contact a few. Ask the realtor to show you what will be done to market your home. Are they "Internet savy" and do they have the ability to market your home. Consider the experience they have in real estate as well as the initiative and professionalism shown by the individual.

Look for a REALTOR® who tells you what he or she knows from experience in the market, and not what they think you want to hear. Flattery may sometimes get the listing, but it doesn't sell the home!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gray Maine, houses for sale that buyers don't know about.

I have been working as a Realtor in Gray Maine for over 11 years representing both buyers and sellers. I like representing both, but they are completely different many ways. Finding the right home is a process that takes a lot of work. Sometimes the houses for sale on the market are not the right home. That is when a good buyers agent will be worth every cent YOU pay them.

Yeah, I said YOU pay them. That's the truth because you are the one paying for the house and you aren't going to get it any cheaper with or without representation, so why wouldn't you want a professional helping you in your searching for homes you might like to buy. In some ways it is like going to court in a law suit, not bringing a lawyer with you, and paying for the other side's attorney to argue against you. Who would do that?

Back to having a good agent.

So you have looked at all the homes for sale on the market and you just haven't found the one you want to purchase. Here is one way I personally stand out from many other brokers. Not only do we have several searches continually looking for new listing that come on the market, I look at listing that have expired or were withdrawn in the past 6 months to a year. Sometimes people change their mind about selling or the house just wasn't marketed correctly and they still would like to sell. So I call or stop at those people's house and see if they still have an interest in selling their home. If they are then I take a few photos and send them to my clients to review. If there is interest, then we set up a private showing.

Now for the best part:

My clients will likely pay less for that home because the commission is only half of what it would be because there is not another realtor involved. Now that is what I call BUYER REPRESENTATION!

Call or email me to discuss how we can work together to take care of your Real Estate needs.

Homes for sale in Gray, New Gloucester, Maine, Help for Buyers

Should you have a realtor working for you as a Buyers Agent when buying a home for sale?

I won't give you the answer, but I will give you something very simple to think about.

Who pays the commission to the realtors involved in a transaction? The seller right?

Not if you ask me, because when everyone shows up at the closing, the buyer is the only one who brings money to the table. After all the paper work is signed, the seller and the realtor(s) walk out with checks.

The seller may set up some of the terms under which the realtor gets paid, but the buyer is the one who pays everyone.

So if you buy a house and don't have a realtor and the seller does have a realtor, then you are paying that realtor to work against you and represent the sellers best interests not your best interests. It is almost like going to court against someone and hiring a lawyer for the opposing party and not hiring a lawyer for yourself, and the amount involved in the law suit is $250,000 (or whatever the house is worth).

Still not convinced, then think about this:

You buy a house for $200,000 and don't use a realtor but the seller had a realtor and that realtor got paid a commission of 5% or $10,000 and the seller got $190,000.

If you had just walked up to the seller the day he first thought of selling his home and offered him $190,000 he most likely would have sold you the property because that is all he got in the above transaction.

So you paid $10,000 more to cover the realtor who represented the seller when you could have had someone representing you and helping you through the whole process and the realtors would have split the $10,000.

Want to know how you can possibly get part of that money ($10,000) back, call me and lets talk about how we can work together to find you a home that meets all your needs and expectations.

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Sellers, Sins you don't want to make when selling your home.

When selling a home in Maine or anywhere else, either on your own or with a Realtor, you should read about the 10 Sins of a Seller where Clint Miller puts a humerous spin on the deadly sins.

Clint, like many buyers, found several disturbing things about potential homes he was looking into buying. It is a great read.

Enjoy and thank Clint Miller if you have time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Current Real Estate for Sale Gray, ME: Where is the market heading?

There are new homes coming on the market everyday and some are priced correctly. We have seen a slight increase in the listing price of homes in the last 30 days. Homes priced under $200 seem to be the most active. Some of those homes are short sale properties which can be very difficult for all parties involved. Currently I have two short sale properties with offers waiting for replies from Bank of America. This process has been more than lengthy and frustrating.

Home values in Gray Maine can vary from those values of homes for sale in New Gloucester mostly because of the commuting distance to Portland or sometimes even Windham Maine. The new Hannaford's Shop N Save in Gray, Maine will certainly improve home values by providing easy access to those who commute along Route 26.

Overall the average market sales price for single family homes in the northeast have declined between 11.2% and 13.8% according to the National Association of Realtors. However, in April and May of 2009 there was a slight increase. I believe we have seen or are at the bottom for housing market. Take a look at

current homes for sale in Gray and throughout Maine and if you have any question you can email me at