Monday, March 8, 2010

Homes for sale in Gray, New Gloucester, Maine

There are some great opportunities for home buyers right now. Interest rates are still low and inventory is high. Here are some homes priced right in today's market. This is not the best news for sellers, but they should see it as a time to let their home shine. A good realtor can help with making some simple changes. The two biggest things you want to remember is to declutter everything and fix those little things you have been putting off (like painting, cracked tile, broken light switch cover, ...)

Both buyers and sellers should be expecting more from their realtor. As the market tightens more, a good realtor can easily make the difference in whether a sale closes or doesn't. Experience and creativity on bringing two sides together is not something all realtors have. One of my own recent transactions, the parties were @ $21,000 apart and the deal seemed dead. After a day to let things settle I brought both parties back to the table on good faith plans, and the deal was back on with both sides meeting in the middle. Not the last bump in the road, and we had a $2500 and an additional $3000 problem. Negotiation, and my knowledge of alternative companies who I've done business with over the past ten years, got the problems resolved for $1000 and again the deal was saved for another day.

Not many realtors would or could have saved that deal. It takes more than just experience, it takes a personal caring about the parties involved and keeping everyone focused on the main goal.

I tell this story more to make one think about their own choice of a realtor. Interview a couple realtors and ask what sets them apart from other realtors in the area. If needed, and the situation allows, will they contribute a portion of their commission to save the deal? Is the commission flexible at all? How confident are they about the market analysis they did when suggesting pricing of your home? Check out the things you need to know before listing your home for sale with a realtor.

This goes for buyers as well. I have saved buyers a lot of time, money, aggravation, but most important they have always had someone looking out for their best interest and they could rest easy knowing that I had them protected throughout the deal.

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