Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oil prices take a slight it enough.

Not so much the who, but more the what and when? Exactly, what is going on with oil prices and when are they going to come back down to reality! Lower oil prices in Maine seem to be a long way off. A barrell of crude oil did take a $3.00 drop on wall street and fell below a $100 a barrell. Hopefully we will see this in gas prices throughout Maine. For more information about how this is may help or hurt our economy you can learn more about where current oil prices stand on the market by visiting CNN or CNBC.

How does this helpinterest rates and when the Fed made another 3/4 point cut this month, did you end up a winner or a loser.

Currently homes for sale in Maine have taken a drop of about 3% over the last few months. This also helps to make it a great time to buy or invest in Real Estate. There are a number of reasons to buy, but here are ten great reasons to get into todays market. There are also some great advantages in hiring a real estate agent to work for you. Check out a few these reasons to hire a real estate agent.

On another note. The Boston Red Sox are heading to Japan to get ready to start the MLB season. Go Soxs!

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